Blueberry Mock-ito


I have decided that January will be an alcohol-free zone. Gone are the Friday nights in with a glass of red and the latest Lovefilm. Instead, I’m whipping up some tasty non-alcoholic versions of my favourite tipples to sip on. I’ve been surrounded by inspiration this month, as both my parents are off the chardonnay… 

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Cucumber Gin Crush


I hate fussy cocktails. Sometimes I come home from work and all I want is a Cosmopolitan. Yet craving just one glass means traipsing to the shops to buy vodka, Cointreau that costs £20 and squeezing around three limes in order to get the right capful of liquid required. Then remembering I don’t own a… 

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Double Vanilla Chip Frappe


Some blog posts take seconds to appear from plate to page. Others take months; carefully tweaking, reading tips online and twisting and perfecting until the recipe is right for posting. This is one of those posts. I’ve been trying and well, not failing, but not doing well enough to recreate a classic coffee shop frappe…. 

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Homemade Lemonade Three Ways


When life hands you lemons, what do you make? Do you reach for the Hendricks, pouring a large G&T and adding a twist of citrus? Or do you zest and juice into a toothsuckingly sweet curd to lay hidden under swaths of marshmallowy meringue. Or do you simply smile, juice and throw together the best… 

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