Blueberry Mock-ito


I have decided that January will be an alcohol-free zone. Gone are the Friday nights in with a glass of red and the latest Lovefilm. Instead, I’m whipping up some tasty non-alcoholic versions of my favourite tipples to sip on.

I’ve been surrounded by inspiration this month, as both my parents are off the chardonnay and in the gym, my workmate is off the booze for a whole year as part of her marathon training and everywhere you look people are talking about Dry-uary. I admit I’ve jumped a little on the bandwagon here, but the thrill of saying no and having the willpower to have a diet coke instead of a tasty Brewdog is actually quite empowering.

I also admire people who don’t drink at all. Like TV presenter Jameela Jamil, who just doesn’t drink. No explanations given, and really who cares? She still goes out and parties, rolls into bed at 3am and presents the Chart Show with a sleep-deprived hangover. I have to say I find it pretty cool when people stand up for what they believe in, and even if it is just for this month that I give the ol’ liver a rest, then I think belonging to the fair-weather-teetotal gang isn’t such a bad thing at all.

So instead of my usual Friday night Pinot Grigio wind down, I’ve become more adventurous and tried new things to help me relax after a week in the office. Alcohol free beer has featured on the menu, alongside cups of green tea and fizzy water with fresh basil and raspberries. But this mock-tail was such a hit, I’d happily continue sipping it well into February. Sharp lime marries with mint beautifully, and it is that hit coupled with blueberry juice that implies fancy cocktail without a hint of rum. Topped up with soda, ice and fresh blueberries makes this cocktail look the part, and a lime sugared rim on the glass ensures a hint of sweetness as you take a sip. Even if you’re still on the booze this month, I suggest you give this cocktail a go. You never know, this recipe may even overtake your favourite Mojito recipe. Happy Dry-uary Friends!


Serves One (easily multiplied)

You Will Need

3 tbsp caster sugar

1 lime

A sprig of mint

Blueberry juice

Soda water


4-5 fresh blueberries

blueberry mock-ito ingredients

Put the caster sugar on a plate and zest the lime on top. Mix together until the sugar is fragrant. Wet the rim of a short glass with a little water then twist in the lime sugar. Cut the lime in half and squeeze into the glass, catching any pips. Pick the leaves from the mint sprig and add to the lime juice, muddling with a spoon. Fill the glass halfway with blueberry juice then top up with soda, ice cubes and fresh blueberries. Finish with a sprig of mint as a decoration if you like, then serve.

blueberry mock-ito



  1. says

    Seriously impressed by how virtuous you’re being! My boyfriend and I gave up alcohol in January a couple of years back and to be honest I didn’t notice any difference – in my health, weight, skin or mood. I probably don’t drink enough for not drinking to make a huge impact but still…

    This mock-ito does look lovely. Plus you can drink it in February with a dash of vodka, ha!

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