Pink Peppercorn, White Chocolate and Rose Shortbread


I am starting to discover that I quite like breaking the rules every now and then with baking. Only using plain flour instead of self raising in a cake – how wrong! Swapping Maldon sea salt flakes for rock salt – sacrilege! Adding pepper and an egg to a basic shortbread mix – just get… 

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Banana, White Chocolate and Smashed Berry Pops


I have a love/hate relationship with banana. It’s the same with butter. I put it in mash, use it in sauces and bake to the high heavens with it, but a smear of the stuff on my sandwich is enough to make my toes curl. As my friend Nicola puts it “You have butter in… 

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Raspberry and Rosewater Ombre Anniversary Cake


Ombre is everywhere at the moment. You cannot pass a pinterest pinboard without seeing Alexa Chung’s trademark graduated colour bob or dip-dyed hairstyles in a range of colours on beautiful surfer-chic models. Clothing is in a range of light to dark hues, eyeshadow graduates across eyes like blended rainbows and even nails are sporting the… 

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Cappuccino Cookies


I have the mother of all to-do lists. By this, I mean my Mam made me sit down the other night and write down all the things I needed to do in the next week and plan them day by day. When you start to have a crisis in the middle of the day (like… 

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