Gingerbread Pumpkins

Pumpkin Gingerbread

It’s 1.37am and with a flick of my wrist, the last tiny face has been iced onto an array of gingerbread pumpkins. I sigh happily, inviting Chris over to look at my handiwork. I begin to wish I had red food colouring powder to give these creatures rosy cheeks or perhaps to add a golden… 

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Six ways to help you kick the caffeine habit

How to give up caffeine for good

It’s been 18 months since my last sip of coffee and almost exactly one year to the day since my last post about my new caffeine-free life. It’s been a big adjustment – when you stop and think about it, most social occasions that take place in the daytime revolve around a cup of tea… 

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An Autumnal Bucket List

Autumnal Bucket List // VSPP

Last week I experienced the perfect autumn morning on my way to work. The sky was a streak of bright blue without a cloud in sight, the trees near the office yellowing and orange leaves littering the cobble stones. I could see my breath in the cool, crisp air and I had a scarf tightly… 

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Blackberry and Bramley Apple Crumble

What has happened to the snow? I’m sure that less than a week ago, we were all promised thick blankets of the white fluffy stuff, a threat of major traffic chaos and a polite shove towards the welly section in Primark. Although the traffic chaos has stayed (hello Hurricane Bawbag), the weather seems to have… 

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A Very Christmassy Breakfast (Or How to Use Up Christmas Leftovers)

Ok, so I know that Christmas has barely even started and most of you probably haven’t even seen the Christmas Coca-Cola advert yet (the true indication of the holidays), but trust me, you will fall head over heels for these spiral rolls that capitalise Christmas with a very cranberry capital C. After recipe testing for… 

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Super Fast Fresh Noodles For One

Sometimes it feels like such a sin when fast food becomes synonymous with deep fried chicken, fries and a LOT of cheese. Of course, now and then we all like to indulge and there’s nothing wrong with that – I had to stop myself from hopping on a bus for a McDonalds earlier. Sometimes, you… 

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Baking disasters and how to…tolerate them

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to let my imagination run away with me and get creative in the kitchen. Armed with only a stand mixer and my imagination, I soon created what I thought would be a masterpiece – individual pear drop meringue tarts. As I photographed my handiwork, confident that I had… 

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