A Year in Review – Highlights, Memories and Tasty Things from 2014


Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! It genuinely seems like no time and yet all the time in the world since I wrote my last post summing up Victoria Sponge Pease Pudding in 2013. It’s been an amazing year, one of my favourites, full of some real happy memories, excellent trips and holidays and of course… 

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A Year in Review and Top Ten Recipes in 2013


It’s like Hogmanay creeps up on me every year. I’m all happy and content after a filling and fulfilling Christmas and then it is like ‘oh! I need to plan how to see in the New Year! Er, glass of prosecco anyone?’ It’s true that my friends and I are pretty useless when it comes… 

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4 Simple Goals Before 2013 – The Results


So around four months ago I decided I needed a little direction in my life. I was running around in what can only be described as two-job-one-blog-one-unpaid-writing-job circle. I ate, slept, drank coffee, worked, wrote, ate some more and cried. A lot. Then all of a sudden the circle slowed down and I had one… 

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Roasted Celeriac Soup with Parsnip Crisps


A few months ago, I headed off to the SECC in Glasgow, notepad in my hand and finger on the voice recorder app on my phone, ready to act like the perfect food journalist at the Good Food Show. As I was handed over the plastic press pass that screamed I was a fully fledged… 

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