Dirty Chai and Milk Chocolate Cookies


When I lived in Berlin a couple of years ago, all the students on my travel writing course would descend on this one cafe in Kreuzberg called Pfeiffers. It was small and unassuming, bit tired around the edges, but we kept coming for the free wifi  – the password was Sommerzeit which I found adorable… 

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Cranberry, Orange and Poppy Seed Cookies


I love baking in stages. It means less hassle, a controlled pile of dishes and more time to watch 30 Rock, the latter I am currently obsessed with. Yesterday morning I dragged myself out of bed, heated up the oven and began slicing and baking cookies alongside several cups of coffee and watching Tina Fey… 

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Dark Chocolate, Pistachio and Rock Salt Cookies


I have had some hits and misses with American cup size measurements. In a scone recipe I adapted, I ended up dumping half a bag of flour in the dough just to make it bind. Yet, I’ve made a batch of Cappuccino Cookies that ended perfectly; crisp chewy and perfect. I think it may come… 

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