Sour Orange and Spice Almond Gluten Free Cake


A couple of weeks ago a bought a net filled with bright orange satsumas. Perfect little squashed ovals of sunny delight, bursting with sweet flavour that could be devoured at my desk as part of my resolution to quit my love affair with the office vending machine. But instead of the sweet fruit I had… 

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Double Chocolate and Raspberry Vanilla Cupcakes


Where do you stand in the great Valentine‚Äôs Day war? Are you an advocate, bursting with excitement for a meal at a fancy restaurant or ¬†thrilled at the thought of your loved one opening the card you lovingly pick out for them in Paperchase? Perhaps you are a hater, preparing for an epic night of… 

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Date and Pecan Buttermilk Scones


I get a quiet satisfaction out of using up every last scrap of an ingredient. There is nothing worse as a baker than throwing eggs in the compost bin or pouring cottage cheese milk down the drain. Ambient foodstuffs like flour and sugar can last a lifetime (or until my next baking project) but there… 

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