Butterscotch Spun Sugar Cake


It’s funny how happy accidents happen sometimes. I’ve been struggling along with this blog the past few weeks, but not through laziness or not trying. (Ok, perhaps a little, it’s the dark nights I promise!) I’ve been busy trying new recipes, throwing myself into experiments and brainstorming like crazy. Unfortunately my little hands have been… 

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Simple Student-Friendly Plain Scones


“It’s just a silly wee show, but it makes you feel great when you see something you’ve made win a prize for being quite good.” This seems to be the sentiment surrounding my local flower show in my family. The flower show is a big display of the best in baking, cut flowers, home grown… 

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Ultimate Chocolate Birthday Cake


Life hasn’t been all sunshine and roses recently. There have been job interviews that weren’t right for me, an opportunity to write for one of my favourite websites that fell through, and some seriously tough life lessons learnt along the way. Alongside that, there was my dissertation project, and although I found my subject incredibly… 

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