Mexican Popcorn with Lime Salt


Days like these (endless rain, thick muggy air, the looming mud bath at T in the Park) have me craving an indoors hide out. A thick blanket, comfy jim jams, a mug of coffee and a pack of jammie dodgers. Sometimes I wish my doctor could prescribe me these things after 5 long shifts at… 

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Banana, White Chocolate and Smashed Berry Pops


I have a love/hate relationship with banana. It’s the same with butter. I put it in mash, use it in sauces and bake to the high heavens with it, but a smear of the stuff on my sandwich is enough to make my toes curl. As my friend Nicola puts it “You have butter in… 

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Mint Choc Chip Frozen Yoghurt


Is there anything worse in the life of a baker than reading an amazing recipe, deciding to make it right then and there, and running out of caster sugar? You’re about 100g short to make a delicious cake that you swore you had all the ingredients for, and you sulk off, plans ruined and cake-less…. 

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Spring Blush Fruit Salad


Is there anything more refreshing to dine on in the morning sunlight than fruit salad? It’s like a morning palate cleanser, clearing up your mind after a long languid lie in. Gone are the days when fruit salad was in a large Pyrex bowl, filled with halved grapes and soggy banana; the fruit salad of… 

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